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3 Cool Ways Coworking Can Boost Your Company Culture

The right culture enforced well can do wonders for a business, and anyone in a position to decide what that culture would look like has a critical role to play. Thankfully, that role is made easier by companies like which offer an innovative twist to office space that’s conducive to the development of a high-functioning and tightly-knit corporate culture.

Here are three reasons why coworking environments are great for office culture.

  1. Coworking is Great for Productivity

While everyone knows that focus and efficiency are the keys to maximizing productivity in the workplace, few have discovered the secret to achieving them. Corporations spend so much time and money trying to craft a system that enables their employees to make the most out of their nine-to-five, that entire job titles exist to fit the demand –yet rarely do businesses discover an arrangement that works for them.

By accident or by design, coworking spaces provide businesses with a way to hack the process of raising productivity by offering a highly motivated, fast-paced working environment from the onset. Since coworking spaces are known for housing an assortment of freelancers and businesses, it’s no surprise that the ambience on a given workday is abuzz with the sights and sounds of professionals hard at work chasing deadlines and milestones. This effectively wins half of the battle for a business trying to establish a culture of productivity, since its office staff will feel compelled to go with the flow of their setting.

  1. Coworking Optimizes Communication

Choosing to rent at a place like Common Desk and immerse one’s business in a multitude of people sharing the same office space is a mixed blessing, but by all accounts, its benefits outweigh the tradeoffs. For instance, while working with so many unfamiliar faces can take some getting used to, the process of overcoming that learning curve encourages businesses to become more effective in daily communication.

The choice to settle in a shared and open workspace is an ideal climate for a business to build a much needed culture of confidentiality. The responsibility of leveling off what information can and can’t be communicated is emphasized when many business processes are conducted in semi-private spaces (though good coworking spaces offer plenty of private offices and boardrooms).

Beyond the habit of confidentiality, coworking also develops the habit of reaching out to people from across a wide range of industries and specializations in order to learn from their experience. One of the most substantial benefits of coworking is exposure to a network of professionals all collected in a setting where resource and knowledge sharing are the mode.

  1. Coworking Is Fun

Employee morale is a cornerstone of productivity and loyalty to any business. Not only does it help reduce the chances of quitting or piracy, but studies also suggest that higher employee morale correlates with increased output and healthier workers.

Coworking establishments are well aware of this, and usually provide amenities and services that help their tenants unwind at the end of a busy workday. These can come in the form of daily happy hour celebrations, regular classes on some interesting hobby (at least one coworking business offers bartending lessons for free), or whatever semi-frequent social event the managers of a given coworking space can think up. The frequency and accessibility of decompression helps businesses embrace the importance of ensuring employee satisfaction and social togetherness –something few are likely to lose should they ever decide to revert to a different office setup.

At the end of the day, coworking is a matter of maximizing the human element of business. It understands that the best companies know how to tap into the natural creativity, passion, and diligence that a motivated human mind can achieve through establishing a culture of its own –something that any business should definitely try for itself.

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