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3 Amazing Getaways From Chennai That Is Absolutely Fun

3 Amazing Getaways From Chennai That Is Absolutely Fun

Centuries old traditions and modern day developments mix into a brilliant conjunction in Chennai. Pleasant scent of jasmine wafting out of the “Gajra” worn by the local females around their hair, stir of silk and the larger than usual trim outs interspersing the busy city streets and lanes – there you would discover the modernday Chennai. The city charms everybody who visits it. It can be said that the city is the prime base to explore the different regions of southern India. In the midst of all, it is of common knowledge that the hot and humid weather in Chennai is unbearable to some extent, especially in the mid-day when the sun is shining at its maximum level of intensity. Besides, doing the same stuff, taking the same route to office and back to home in the evening, eating at the same restaurant, etc. simply makes the life quite boring and mundane. It is thus advisable that to take a break from the daily chores and relax from the hard life of city like Chennai in the interesting tourist places on the weekends or holidays. So, here’s is a list of some good getaways that you may decide to visit.

3 Amazing Getaways From Chennai That Is Absolutely Fun


On the off chance that you ever wished to visit a city with just temples around you, Kanchipuram is a place you ought to visit. Known as the “city of thousand temples” the holy centre is situated around 70 kms from Chennai, and a standout amongst the most sacred Hindu pilgrimages in the country. If you count yourself amongst nature lovers, you ought to make a trip from Kanchipuram to Vedanthangal, which is around 60 kms from Kanchipuram, and is a safe house for varied species of beautiful birds, particularly from November to February. For trekking, hitchhiking, or for picnics, Yelagiri Hills in the Eastern Ghats will be a decent choice. The place is loaded with venerated temples and it is worth to visit every one of them. The distance between the two spaces in 68 km and you can without much of a stretch hire a Chennai to Kanchipuram taxi, as there is a good frequency of taxis, buses, and so on.

Horsley Hills

Otherwise called Horsley Konda, the hills owe their name to a legend that states that a principled old lady Malamma, who lived here was killed by Elephants. Thick Eucalyptus woodland, verdant vegetation and assortment of beautiful birds makes this unassuming hills station an unquestionable requirement if you seek to relish the best of South India! The distance is around 277 km.


A hill station in Salem District of Tamil Nadu, Yercaud is set in the Eastern Ghats, within the Shevaroys regions of hills. The Servarayan temple is a must-visit. It is the most noteworthy point in the slopes, set in the highest point. Besides, the Yercaud lake set in the midst of woods make it a Jewel of South. The distance is around 399 km.

Besides, lately there is a rise in the number of backpackers from Chennai heading to Goa, which is popularly recognized as the ultimate beach capital of India. Although trains and flights are there to serve the purpose, but covering the distance on a Chennai to Goa taxi is simply advised as nothing compares to the fun and adventure that you get to relish on a road journey.

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