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23 Tricks To Turn Your Moving Nightmare Into An Easy Transition

Moving can be an exciting time like a fresh start with so many possibilities like a new neighbourhood to explore, a whole new world. First there is the actual move itself something few people look forward to. Here are tips from Nanaimo movers to help you have a less stressful move, both novice movers and those with more experience.


1) Stacks paper plates between your real plates to keep them from breaking

2) Use your large pots to move spices, salts and oils, any spills or leaks can easily be wiped up

3) Purchase or get a free wine bottle box from the wine store to move glasses

4) Use a checklist to manage everything you need to do, ticking off each item gives you the feeling of being in control

5) There’s an app available to print showing what’s in each moving box

6) Pack makeup with cotton balls inside to keep any powdered makeup from cracking

7) What a great time to have area rugs, curtains and couch covers professionally cleaned ready for your new space

8) Taking pictures of how your electronics are put together will make hooking it all up again easier

9) Pack your closet on hangers, inside plastic bags will keep them in order and clean

10) Or go that extra mile and vacuum pack clothes and blankets

11) Tuck pillows and blankets inside dresser and ottoman drawers

12) Add a little extra protection against leaks by wrapping plastic or cling wrap around bottles

13) Lock the pumps of your soap and lotion dispensers back in place by pushing and turning them just the way they were when you bought them

14) Cut handles into moving boxes to make them easier to move, reinforce with duct tape for heavier boxes

15) Don’t move an empty laundry basket load it up with bathroom items or clothes

16) Rent a furniture dolly, well worth the extra cost and your back and arms will thank you

17) Colour code boxes with tape or markers to quickly identify which room they belong in

18) Rent padding blanket wraps to protect furniture and appliances from scrapes and scratches

19) Use rubber bands to keep doors from locking as you move items back and forth

20) Clean your new place before unpacking better to rid the new space from dust and dirt before you unpack

21) Have an overnight bag handy, easier to have the items you need handy without having to search for them

22) Hire sitters for little ones, pets and kids

23) Drain any dangerous fluids such as motor oil or fuel before moving

Thanks to Sunrise Moving and Storage for these great tips.

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