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2 Breathtaking Road Trips From Bangalore To Hampi

Hampi is one of the most culturally diverse and rich cities in India. It’s a short drive from Bangalore, and has a vast array of sights, smells and sounds. You can literally go on a food journey using one route and a nature-journey using another. Many travellers book quality hotels in Bangalore, like The LaLiT Ashok Bangalore, and travel via car to Hampi.

Some of these routes include various sightseeing opportunities and you can stop over many times to check out the local attractions. These are perfect for tourists who have a lot of time and have booked many days of vacations. They’re also a great option for tourists that enjoy taking things easy. Other routes are more popular, when travellers are in a rush and want to cover as much as they can before going to work on the coming Monday.

Via Chitradurga and Hospet

This is a common route for many travellers to take, as there are lots of sightseeing and tourist-related activities to engage in. It takes around 8 hours to get there via NH48 & 50, and you can stop over on various restaurants to refresh.

Chitradurga Fort is a popular tourist spot with many areas of breath-taking photo opportunities. The scenery is gorgeous and the fort itself is ripe with stores from generations ago. The name ‘Seven Circles Fort’ is apt for its architectural prowess and its grace. You can also stop over at Ankali Mutt, which has a temple between gigantic natural rock structures and are a time capsule of a prior lifetime. Filled with underground caves, it’s the perfect place to go exploring.

You’ll also get a chance to stop by Vijayshree village, which rivals many romantic restaurants in Bangalore, with its ambiance and dining range. It’s the perfect place to stop over for a meal.

Via Anantapur and Bellari

Another excellent option, the drive from Bangalore to Hampi via Anantpur and Bellari can be covered in 7 hours. It’s a smooth drive throughout the journey and is the safest option in terms of natural lanes. You will get to experience the world-famous Nandi statue, at Lepakshi, and the Gooty Fort, which has a gorgeous vantage point from where you can see the region.

Bellary Fort is another great stop on the way, as it is build on top of huge boulders. You can take a walk to the peak and have a great time witnessing nature at its best. Another stopover needs to be made at Hampi Hippie Island, which is a popular zone for adventure sports enthusiasts. It’s a great place to chill out and meet new people.

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